Establishing Customer Trust and Credibility: The Role of Brand Strategy

The Role of Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines your company’s mission, vision, and values, to name a few. While you’re planning your brand, you will need to figure out your positioning: where do you want to live inside your consumer’s head? What will your tone of voice be? To whom are you speaking? What are their demographics?

All of these decisions ultimately affect the way your brand visuals look, how you speak to your client, and most importantly, how you make them feel. 

What basics should be included in your brand strategy?

  1. Brand positioning: These aspects of your brand will flow through all of your brand touchpoints, including:
  • Why do you do what you do;
  • Figuring out what your products and services are;
  • Competitor research and analysis;
  • Your unique selling point;
  • Beliefs, values and value proposition;
  • Your brand promise, brand personality, and voice;


  1. Brand messaging: Create  compelling and consistent brand stories and messaging that you will use through all of your brand touchpoints.

  2. Brand Identity: Develop a visual and verbal identity that represents your brand consistently. This will help to instil trust and credibility in your customers. Your main logo with logo variations, brand colours, logo usage rules, brand visual styles, patterns, icons, brand keywords and tone of voice are some of the things that you need to establish a consistent brand identity.

  3. Performance tracking and continuous evolution: All brands grow and evolve over time. It’s good practice to re-evaluate or audit your brand on a regular basis to see if it’s still relevant to what you do and to your target audience. Measure the impact of your brand success and evaluate if you need to make changes to increase success.

The main goal of a brand strategy is to give you clarity in your business and ultimately differentiate you from competitors. Having this clarity will result in confidence in what you do. It will shine through all of your brand touchpoints and you will stand out as an authority in your field.

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